Who is MySRM for ?

Whether you are responsible of (open) innovation, startups relationship, partnerships or corporate ventures, your objective is to connect your company with the startup ecosystem, spot the most promising startups and collaborate with them to create value for your company.

Your key challenges are:

  • How to team up efficiently with a startup when business models, cultures and operational methods differ and clear operating models are lacking?
  • How to assess the value creation of a startup for the company as a whole during POCs to speed up the validation process and reduce the risks?
  • There are multiple stakeholders involved with different expectations, which is slowing down the decision process. Many projects are left in the shadow of the other priorities of middle management. How to accelerate the collaborative decision process and involve all stakeholders in the reporting?

MySRM can help you to team up more efficiently with startups

Speed is everything in business.
MySRM helps you speed up the validation process !

Our SaaS platform installs simple and clear processes and KPIs parallel to those existing. Coupled with our proprietary evaluation methodology, we can now clearly track the value created by the startups during POCs.
Our collaborative reporting platform involves all stakeholders to analyze the potential value of a startup as early as possible to speed up the decision making process and reduce the risk associated with POCs.
What does MySRM have to offer?

Startups database

Gather and centralize all information you need on startups in one place, track POCs progress and involve key stakeholders.

Reporting tool

Generate reports from your activity with startups.

Value creation tracking

Involve all stakeholders in tracking the value created by startups for your organization during the POC. Speed up decision-making using relevant KPIs.

Privacy & security

Your data is encrypted to protect your company’s interests