Corporates and large organizations are struggling when dealing with startups
  • Hundreds of startups are created each day
  • They have their own culture and DNA
  • Assessing the value they actually bring to corporations is complex
  • Working with them involves additional risks compared to traditional suppliers or partners
  • POCs with startups require multiple stakeholders often carrying divergent opinions

MySRM can help you to team up more efficiently with startups

Speed is everything in business

MySRM helps you speeding up the validation process !

Our SaaS platform installs simple and clear processes and KPIs parallel to those already in place. Coupled with our proprietary evaluation methodology, you can now efficiently track the value created by the startups during POCs.
Our collaborative reporting platform involves all stakeholders to analyze the potential value of a startup as early as possible to speed up the decision making process and reduce the risk associated with POCs.
What does MySRM have to offer?

Startups database

Gather and centralize all information from public startup databases in one place

Create and enrich your own startup database with your corporate and personalized data

Reporting tool

Build at-a-glance your own reports about your activity with startups.

Share them within your organization

Value creation tracking

Invite all stakeholders from your organization to measure the value created by startups through their own glasses

Assess the risks of your POCs with startups

Speed up decision-making using thanks to our dedicated KPIs

Privacy & Security

Your data about startups is encrypted to comply with the highest standards to protect your company’s interests

It is not shared with anyone

Only your organization can access it

Focus on Asia

Personalized sourcing

With MySRM, identify the best startups able to solve your problems across public startup databases (including Chinese startups).

Full integration

MySRM is not another tool. It is integrated with your usual management environment (email, calendar, Slack, Salesforce…)

MySRM is launched by Innovation is Everywhere, an innovation consultancy based in Singapore and Paris that works with leading corporates (Danone, AXA, Accorhotels, VINCI Energies, Sodexo…) on open innovation projects.

Through various projects, we’ve connected many large organizations and thousands of startups together. We realized how painful working with startups can be for a large organization (sourcing, evaluation, risk management, cultural differences, etc). As consultants, we understand both the corporate and the startup culture, and have been working towards fostering win-win relationships between both sides. Thus, we’ve built MySRM based on this experience to help corporates and startups team up more efficiently.